Charsets Index

Dear reader,

since I've received a number of calls and emails lately requesting information about character encoding issues, I feel the need to explain to (some of) you that even though I provide this character encoding information free of charge to be used at your own risk, I will only go this far.

Please understand that I will not answer any questions for free since IT is my job not my hobby, so please do not call or email unless you're prepared to pay a bill.

Also I didn't invent any of the encodings described here, I merely have created most of the description files, hence my name in the files.

Having said all this, please feel free to use the descriptions and to return feedback.

adobeiso.htm Adobe ISOLatin1Encoding Encoding Vector
adobestd.htm Adobe StandardEncoding Encoding Vector
adobesym.htm Adobe Symbol Encoding Vector
applecro.htm Apple Macintosh Roman-Croation
applecyr.htm Apple Macintosh Cyrillic
applegk2.htm Apple ][ Greek extended for Macintosh
applegrk.htm Apple Macintosh Greek
appleice.htm Apple Macintosh Roman-Icelandic and Faroese
applerom.htm Apple Macintosh Roman
applerum.htm Apple Macintosh Roman-Romanian
appletur.htm Apple Macintosh Roman-Turkish
atarist.htm Atari STTT Character Encoding
cp1250.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1250 (EE)
cp1251.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1251 (Cyrl)
cp1252.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1252 (ANSI)
cp1253.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1253 (Greek)
cp1254.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1254 (Turk)
cp1255.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1255 (Hebr)
cp1256.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1256 (Arab)
cp1257.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1257 (BaltRim)
cp1258.htm Microsoft Windows Codepage 1258 (Viet)
cp437.htm MS-DOS Codepage 437 (US)
cp737.htm MS-DOS Codepage 737 (Greek IBM PC defacto Standard)
cp775.htm MS-DOS Codepage 775 (BaltRim)
cp850.htm MS-DOS Codepage 850 (Multilingual Latin 1)
cp851.htm MS-DOS Codepage 851 (Greece) - obsolete
cp852.htm MS-DOS Codepage 852 (Multilingual Latin 2)
cp853.htm MS-DOS Codepage 853 (Multilingual Latin 3)
cp855.htm MS-DOS Codepage 855 (Russia) - obsolete
cp857.htm MS-DOS Codepage 857 (Multilingual Latin 5)
cp860.htm MS-DOS Codepage 860 (Portugal)
cp861.htm MS-DOS Codepage 861 (Iceland)
cp862.htm MS-DOS Codepage 862 (Israel)
cp863.htm MS-DOS Codepage 863 (Canada (French))
cp864.htm MS-DOS Codepage 864 (Arabic) without BOX DRAWINGS below 20
cp865.htm MS-DOS Codepage 865 (Norway)
cp866.htm MS-DOS Codepage 866 (Russia)
cp869.htm MS-DOS Codepage 869 (Greece)
cp874.htm MS-DOS Codepage 874 (Thai)
cp895.htm MS-DOS Codepage 895 (Kamenicky CS)
decmcs.htm DEC Multinational Character Set (DEC MCS)
ebc037.htm EBCDIC Codepage 037
ebc1026.htm EBCDIC Codepage 1026 (Turkish)
ebc1047.htm EBCDIC Codepage 1047
ebc500.htm EBCDIC Codepage 500
ebc875.htm EBCDIC Codepage 875 (Greek)
hp48.htm HP48 Character Encoding Description File
hproman8.htm HP Roman-8
iso10646.htm ISOIEC 10646-1:2000 aka Unicode 3.0.1head
iso10646.mes-1.htm ISOIEC 10646-1:2000 MES-1head
iso10646.mes-2.htm ISOIEC 10646-1:2000 MES-2head
iso10646.mes-3a.htm ISOIEC 10646-1:2000 MES-3A ISOIEC 646:1991 French Canadian ISOIEC 646:1991 Swiss ISOIEC 646:1991 German ISOIEC 646:1991 ISOIEC 646:1991 Finnish ISOIEC 646:1991 French ISOIEC 646:1991 United Kingdom
iso646.htm ISOIEC 646:1991 (common for all ISOIEC 646:1991 variants)
iso646.irv.htm ISOIEC 646:1991 US ASCII ISOIEC 646:1991 Italian ISOIEC 646:1991 Dutch ISOIEC 646:1991 NorwegianDanish ISOIEC 646:1991 Portuguese ISOIEC 646:1991 Swedish
iso8859.10.htm ISOIEC 8859-10:1998 Latin Alphabet No. 6
iso8859.13.htm ISOIEC 8859-13:1998 Latin Alphabet No. 7 (Baltic Rim)
iso8859.14.htm ISOIEC 8859-14:1998 Latin Alphabet No. 8 (Celtic)
iso8859.15.htm ISOIEC 8859-15:1999 Latin Alphabet No. 9
iso8859.1.htm ISOIEC 8859-1:1998 Latin Alphabet No. 1
iso8859.2.htm ISOIEC 8859-2:1999 Latin Alphabet No. 2
iso8859.3.htm ISOIEC 8859-3:1999 Latin Alphabet No. 3
iso8859.4.htm ISOIEC 8859-4:1998 Latin Alphabet No. 4
iso8859.5.htm ISOIEC 8859-5:1999 LatinCyrillic Alphabet
iso8859.6.htm ISOIEC 8859-6:1999 LatinArabic Alphabet
iso8859.7.htm ISO 8859-7:1987 LatinGreek Alphabet
iso8859.8.htm ISOIEC 8859-8:1999 LatinHebrew Alphabet
iso8859.9.htm ISOIEC 8859-9:1999 Latin Alphabet No. 5
koi8-r.htm koi8-r (Russian U*IX encoding, also used by RELCOM)
mslinedr.htm Microsoft Windows MS LineDraw
nextstep.htm NeXTSTEP Encoding Vector
symbol.htm Microsoft Windows Symbol Encoding Vector TeX dcr input (Input required for European Computer Roman Font for TeX)
tex-dcr.out.htm TeX dcr output (Output produced for European Computer Roman Font by TeX)
trans130.htm trans130: Introduction
wingding.htm Microsoft Windows Wingdings Encoding Vector